Small Business Users Guide to Answering Service

Nufone Answering Service for Small Business provides our clients 24 hour phone answering service coverage and message dispatch. We do this because, as running a msall business is challenging and your time is valuable. Having an answering service that specializes in small business support matters.

To maximize customer experiences, you need a specialized answering service and Nufone Answering Service offers advanced answering service for business offices and facilities. In other words, our answering service lives up to the promise of what a fully integrated, secure solution can do to connect small businesses and their customers.  Above all, we do this all in a high quality, friendly way.

Set up your services with Nufone Answering Service and you can keep your focus on your business while staying connected within your facility and with your customers.

What services are included with Answering Services for a Small Business?

Answering Services for Small Business includes the following:

  • Secure Message Delivery: Dynamically plan and optimize messaging delivery based your needs.
  • Real-Time Call Transfers: Emergency on-call and live transfers, hold for office, consults and facility needs call delivery, and more.
  • Faster Implementation: Web-enabled portal providing access to message data and on-call schedule 24/7 with editing capabilities allowing for immediate changes in message escalation.
  • Increased Message Visibility: Multiple message delivery options includ secure text messaging application, phone/voicemail, patch with live transfer, pager, email and fax.
  • Independence and Empowerment: Configure and customize your protocols to your business’ requirements ensuring your staffs needs are met.
  • Robust IT and Telecom Infrastructure: We invest in the latest and best in class call center infrastructure. Moreover, we do this with geographically dispersed, redundant systems through a mix of cloud-hosted and on-premise secure systems.

How do I set up service with Nufone Answering Service?

It’s easy! Please call 708-383-7270 to speak with a representative about our on-boarding process that can get your small business answering service needs taken care of quickly. As a result, you can quickly free up your time to focus on what you do best – get started today!

For a successful program set up your account manager will:

  • Work with you on setting up a call forwarding protocol that maximizes customer satisfaction
  • Confirm your on call schedule
  • Identify which of our messaging tools works best for you and your office systems
  • Consult with you on an special instructions your office may have

How can a Small Business Answering Service Help?

To sum up, your account manager will work with you to ensure that we cover all times that you need coverage and have friendly staff ready to support your patients.


  • Upgrade Customer Experience
  • Enhance Office Management Experience
  • Quick Implementation Time
  • Return to Primary Work Functions

Therefore, you can feel secure that our services are taylored for small businesses.  Consequently, our secure answering service solutions manage all activity from escalation procedures to answering and messaging services, day and night.

What kind of Answering Service Does my Office Need?

Answer: Local and Experienced!

Since 1935 Businesses in the Chicago area have enjoyed using Nufone Answering Service.

NuFone tailors our programs to your needs. This includes message delivery by users and preferred device. Therefore we can create unique escalation procedures across multiple user groups. Additionally, our systems offer multiple redundancies and all communications are handled within our secure facilities.

With Nufone, you can leverage the power of our answering service expertise to lower your operating costs, speed up your tasks and make life easier for your team!

With our history of small business office support success and experienced agents that have been handling calls for years, you have both the benefit of local and professional experience that other groups can’t provide.

Please call 708-383-7270 to get started today.

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